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Company Profile

Company Profile

Company profile

Founded in 2002, SPON Communication Technology Co., Ltd, well known as a national high-tech enterprise, is one of the most powerful IP Intercom System and IP PA system manufacturers in China. With its headquarter based in Changsha National High-tech Development District, SPON has multi-branches located in Toronto, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Xi'an. SPON new head office spans more than 35,000 square meters (The 1st phase of SPON new head office (20000 square meters) has been put into use since 2017) and has more than 400 people. SPON has been committing for decades to the IP network audio technology which has found its wide application in multiple-cross fields (e.g., Finance, Transport, Education, Safe city etc.) and has ranked the first in multiple industries.
SPON is focusing on the frontier of IP network audio technology, engaging in the improvement of the existing exquisite design and the exploration of technological innovations and breakthroughs. All of the core products have obtained the intellectual property rights as well as the "CCC, CE, MA" certifications. Up to now, the patents credited to SPON have amounted to more than 50, including the utility model patents, appearance patents, computer software copyrights, ISO9001 & ISO14001 and many other intellectual property rights. SPON market range is from The North and South America, Africa, Europe, Oceania, and the Middle East to Southeast Asia.

The best remarkable growth in recent years:

Honored with "High-tech Enterprises Recognized" in Aug 2012
Included in the "National High-tech District pioneer list” in 2014
Ranked top 10 security brands in China 2017

SPON core products:

XCoIP Network Audio Technology Platform 
IP Intercom System
IP Public Address System
IP HD Sound Pick-up System

SPON target:

SPON aims at becoming the leading manufacturer of IP intercom and PA system products in the world.

Manufacturing Conditions

SPON owns the advanced SMT production lines and normative manufacturing processes,

all the products are in strictly high temperature aging and vibration testing.

SPON has attended numerous national exhibitions and organized many activities for the further technical discussions. 

Brand Promotion

Working Environment

SPON provides good working environment and atomosphere for employees.