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Providing the leading IP audio and video products and one-stop solutions to meet customer’s requirements.


One-touch call: One-touch call from parking lot to duty room to realize full-duplex intercom.
Key words

PA System In Commercial Building

With the development of modern society, people are increasing the quality of work and life, SPON fully consider the nowadays market requirements and provide the perfect intercom system solution for co
Key words

Intercom System In Bank

SPON bank IP network intercom communication system uses advanced audio processing technology to transmit audio signals in the form of data packets in LAN and WAN. It is a set of hands-free intercom system with pure digital transmissio

Own IP Audio network audio technology platform with independent intelligent property right,

to realize high sound quality hands free intercom and real time broadcast.

Intelligent patrol

Through loudspeaker→microphone for automatic detection, to ensure the availability of intercom terminal .

Background noise control, smart volume adjustment

Unique DPF dynamic digital precision filtering technology, intelligent analytical processing.

Low latency

Professional high speed DSP engine, instant coding, synchronous intensive transmission. 

IP Audio coding network transmission technology can automatically detect network broadband status, adjust coding format to real-time compression, transmit to far-end and restore HF analog audio signal.……

Multi party call technology

With efficient sound mixing algorithm with P2P technology to let one of the parties heard other voices

Echo cancellation technology.

Separate the local signal and far-end echo, and entirely cancel the echo.

Two-way transmission, tone quality and broadband priority

SPON is the professional manufacturer of IP intercom and PA system

2019 Guangzhou·China Prolight+SoundExhibition
Hit 2018 Beijing·China Security Expo
16th Guangzhou International Pro-lighting and Acoustics Exhibition
Invitation of the 16th Guangzhou Prolight + Sound Exihibition
SPON 2017 CPSE Shenzhen
2019 Guangzhou·China Prolight+SoundExhibition
As the leading solution provider of audio and video as the core, SPON has demonstrated the core technologies and innovations of IP intercom, IP PA and IP sound pickup. The highlights of the six major modules of the SPON have attracted thousands of customers to come and experience.
  • Hit 2018 Beijing·China Security Expo

    Hit 2018 Beijing·China Security Expo

  • SPON Industrial Park Ceremony Come to the End Successfully

    SPON Industrial Park Ceremony Come to the End Successfully